From Twitter to Blogging


A little over a year ago I took that big jump into the world of Twitter and here I am today writing my first post on my very own blog.  Who would’ve thought?!?!  I just finished my 27th year of teaching!!!!  When I went to college, I hauled a typewriter along.  Having a college student and a 12-year-old, I’ve always tried my best to stay current and at least be able to hold my own.  I’m happy to say, there are times when I am able to teach my kids and colleagues a few things.  Anyway, I found Twitter safe from a distance looking up educational articles and health related articles as well as other personal interests like gardening and the Wisconsin Badgers.  I was even able to join a PLN with a few colleagues in my building.  I then, I learned how add pictures to share the great learning going on in my classroom.  See the proud moment Reggie displayed his knowledge of turn around facts using our Super Bowl predictions.

The true confidence builder came when my husband chaperoned an eighth grade trip to New York City and my principal allowed my class to Tweet back and forth with him. I couldn’t have written a lesson plan for the learning that occurred spontaneously throughout those seven days. We used maps on mapquest and floor puzzles. We compared time zones and city life with our rural life. We used phonics to figure out the word panoramic when my husband took a 360 view of Times Square. We learned to ask meaningful questions, like, “Would you please bring us back some M & M’s from the M & M store we saw in Times Square?” We learned how to use Twitter responsibly. It was a week of highly engaged students and a teacher who realized the power of using technology with her 21st century learners. Kindergartners are a captive and capable audience to learn with. Here we gathered to send our very first Tweet.


Best of all, was my discovery of a new friend through Twitter who teaches in Vermont, but grew up in Wisconsin. Once we made that discovery, we were able to meet each other and collaborate together about blogging. Thank you Sharon! I have just written my first post thanks to you! I cannot wait for our Kindergartners to connect this school year.



6 thoughts on “From Twitter to Blogging

  1. This is a wonderful post Patty! So glad we connected. Keep up the reflection, so inspiring and refreshing. Looking forward to more connecting and collaborating and of course learning from you.

  2. Congratulations on your journey! I am encouraged by your growth since it parallels my own until the point of blogging. I am on the verge of taking this step but still teetering on my decision. Your story is nudging me forward and I appreciate your inspiration.

    • Thanks Frannie! In this everchanging world of education, I find it’s better to be part of the change and embrace it rather than run from it or complain. I know I will make many mistakes, but through connections such as this I have a forum for asking questions and trying new things.

  3. Love, love everything about this Patty. Education is an exciting place to be and learning with such amazing educators on twitter just makes it all the more fun. I look forward to reading more of your blog posts. Karen

    • Thanks Karen! I am thinking about joining in on the #kinderchat13 challenge. I am excited to read so many other kindergarten teachers blogging and sharing their reflections.

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