I have put the #kinderchat week 3 & 4 challenges off long enough battling between, “Just write” and, “Forget it.  You won’t have time to keep up with blogging once a new school year begins.” I think the latter qualifies fear. However, the former connects with my dreams.

You see, I love to write as shown by the journals I’ve kept as future gifts to my own two children. Funny how a blank book as a new mom gift became an obsession for recording the wonderful happenings of motherhood. I was also slightly obsessed with scrapbooks and getting all those magical moments captured in photos. Somehow I could never quite combine the two passions. I wanted to record my feelings, but not for the world to read. By keeping them separate, it all seemed so safe. Scrapbooks contained the facts, dates, times, places, but not the reflective piece that writing provided. To make matters worse, I tried to make a scrapbook each year for my classroom. By keeping everything separate it also made it impossible to keep up with. That is my fear for blogging as well.

Enter blogging…a dream come true! Now I can be a relective teacher, fulfill my photo frenzy, and connect with others about the awesome students and teachers I work with. How will I keep this dream alive? My brain is already on overload since I flipped the calendar from July to August. It appears I have also flipped the switch to thinking “Summer’s over and there’s still too much I need to do.”

Enter fears…I am not confident with Twitter yet. How can I do this with my class?…I still have to write a grant for Ipads in my classroom. How can I do Kidblog without Ipads? Not quite sure how I feel about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and using the family Ipad for school. How do I not look inept in front of colleagues, parents, and students when I am trying new things? (Have you picked up on the fact that I like to know something well before I put myself out there yet?) Am I diving into this all too fast? No!!!! I’m way too late when I follow the incredible kindergarten teachers on Twitter and see what they are doing. I’m so new at this I don’t even know how insert their links into this post. (If you follow #kinderchat or #kinderblog you will find them like I did.) Who am I going to get help from in my building when things come up?

Enter dreamteam @HASDpba. The Hortonville Area School District provides an incredible weeklong Polar Bear Academy for staff members on a variety of topics. I chose “Technology in the Classroom” and have already created a Twitter account for my class @PattyNaultA132 if you’d like to connect with my class this year, learned how to work collaboratively in google drive, and set up a group contact list in preparation for connecting with new families through our class blog http://kidblog.org/MrsNaultsKindergarten/. New fear…should I be putting my links out there like this?


Dream becomes reality…Woke up to a power outage as a result of storms last night and the Polar Bear Adademy is cancelled for today. Time to tackle #kinderchat challenges!!!



One thought on “DREAMS + FEAR = NIGHTMARE!

  1. Way to face your fears, Patty! You know that #kinderchat is a safe place to learn and grow. If you run into difficulties or fears, we will always be there to help you pick up the pieces and cheer you on to be the best you can be! 🙂

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