January Post-A-Day: Day 2- One Resolution for 2014

Creating New Year’s resolutions hasn’t been something I normally do.  My New Years are more in line with the school year calendar.  Big plans for change typically happen during the down time of summer when I get off the hamster wheel of the busy school year and reflect upon my practices and try new things.   This past summer I took the leap into blogging and the world of Twitter thanks to Sharon Davision@kkidsinvt.  Both Twitter and blogging have opened up a whole new world of opportunities inside and outside of the classroom for me.

I recently finished reading Daring Greatly by Brene’ Brown in hopes of gathering up some courage.  This passage from her book sums up what I’m dealing with regarding the dry spell in my blog posts.

“You designed a product or written an article or created a piece of art that you want to share with a group of friends.  Sharing something that you’ve created is a vulnerable but essential part of engaged and Wholehearted living.  It’s the epitome of daring greatly.”

I’m currently reading Still Writing, The Perils and Pleasures of a Creative Life by Dani Shapiro, hoping it inspires me to get back to my love of writing.

Yet, here I am, reluctant to put my writing out there.  You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged since August.  Yes!  Five months ago!!!  Yet, on my Kidblog, my students and I have 109 published posts and 271 comments to date since September.  I have no problem at all writing for my students and parents.  Why is that?  Let me tell you.  The more blogs I’ve read through #kinderchat, the more intimidated I’ve become.  The writing styles of the many passionate educators, their positivity and promise, confidence, and enthusiasm for teaching young children is incredibly motivating, inspiring, and so necessary during these times of change in education.  What I really enjoy most is the writing.

So…my resolution for 2014 is to write!  This #Kinderchat challenge is just what I need to make it happen.  And it will happen!  I must be brave, just as I ask my own students to do each and every day.


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