January Blog-A-Day Challenge: Day 5

If you could live in any historical era, WHEN would you live?

Keeping it short and simple today. Tomorrow’s post will be amazing because school is already called off due to the dangerously cold temperatures. It will be a reading, cuddling, coffee day for sure. Plans include blowing bubbles and watching them freeze compliments from a great tweet from @hthehippo. Check it out. http://distractify.com/culture/arts/frozen-bubbles-in-wintertime/

Back to the challenge…

The 1800’s would be a challenging time to be alive. Why would I want to live then? Eighty percent of Americans were farmers. The farming life would have been exhausting and there are days I am exhausted from a day spent with 23 kindergartners. The thought of being self-sufficient, living off the land, and living simply is something I find appealing.



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