January Post-A-Day Challenge: Day 6

Monday lists: 5 things in your backpack/briefcase/purse/tote bag

The other evening my husband was sharing a story about an episode of The Middle in which Frankie is interviewing for a job as a dental hygienist.  When the dentist asks, “What skills do you have?” Frankie replies, “Skills?  I have no skills.  I’m a Mom!”   Then, the dentist asks, “Well show me something in your purse.” So, Frankie pulls out this and that, and explains why she has EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink inside her purse.  Why?  Because she’s a Mom!  When I saw today’s challenge I just had to chuckle and then search for it online.  It’s Season 4, Episode 420, Dollar Days.

Normally, when this show comes on, I usually go off to find something else to occupy myself because I’m not a big fan as my husband is, although I hear him laughing hysterically from the other room quite a bit.   He suggested I watch the episode before blogging, but I refrained because I in no way want it to sway what I may have to say about the contents of my own purse.  I didn’t want you to be impressed with the cleanliness of my purse so I only took a picture of my top five items.  Well, ten actually, but this isn’t the Top Ten list so I grouped items that could be categorized and created five groups.  I can’t believe I did that either, because I’m usually such a rule follower!  

The five MUST HAVE items (or ten) in my purse in order of importance:


<p style="text-align:center;"
1. Lip gloss, or Lip Butter to be specific. Way too expensive, but it has that special shimmer. Hand lotion. Not just any hand lotion, AVEDA Hand Relief. Again, that special scent, And mints. Trader Joe's green tea infused MINTS. I know what I like!
2. Starbucks Gold card. No explanation necessary. I teach. I need caffeine!
3. Emergency Kit containing Advil, TUMS, Tide Stain Stick, tissues, and a few other assorted items.
4. Ear buds. I have learned that when I keep mine in one, and only one, spot I can always find them and loan them out to family members who can never find their own. I won't mention which one.
5. Sharpie. No explanation necessary. I teach. I need my Sharpies! FYI- I usually carry an assortment of colors. You never know when something needs jazzing up!
All of the above mentioned items I am willing to share except my Lip gloss. THAT is why my list has ten items and not five. I teach Kindergarten. I share!



Before I pressed the publish button, I decided to check out the episode and found it to be ironically unsettling.  I AM FRANKIE!  I might as well embrace it and cuddle up with my husband next time it airs.  We can laugh together.


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