#Kinderchat January Blog Challenge: Day 14

This week I want to create a new dramatic play center with my class.


The class voted to transform the Housekeeping area into something new and exciting.  Restaurant wins!  Nineteen is way more than three!  Don’t worry.  We can  change it to a grocery store next.  Then, an animal hospital.  Then, a construction site.  Or anything we want.

Planning is under way with the first big question answered today.  What will the name of our restaurant be?  We tossed around ideas like Kindergarten Cafe and The Kindergarten Diner, but when Brennan suggested The Very Hungry Kindergarten Restaurant, the kids went wild.  Yes!  We didn’t need to think about it any longer.  It was a done deal.  The name of our class restaurant will be The Very Hungry Kindergarten Restaurant!



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