January Blog Challenge Day 22

A photo of your work area.

I created this work space in our extra bedroom while on a run one summer day down Jacobsen Road. I normally enjoy looking at all the beautiful trees, gardens, homes, and scenery along the way. I make it a rule to say “hi” to any runners, bikers, and walkers I come upon during my runs.  However, on this one particular morning, garbage day, I spotted a long rectangular utility table on the side of the road waiting to be picked up and hauled away. It’s not the nice, new collapsible lightweight plastic type, but rather the old type made of pressed particle board and laminate top that weighs a ton.

At first I ran right past it, but for the next mile I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I thought about how that table would look pretty good all cleaned up and how perfect it’d be for scrapbooking. I was almost  sure it was the perfect length to fit right inside an alcove in our extra bedroom. Well, then I had to pick up the pace and run a little faster to get home so I could go pick it up on the back of my husbands truck.  I didn’t want anyone else to scoop it up before me.

It only took a minute of convincing and my husband, who knows me well enough to know that I’d go get it myself if I had to,  to help load it up.  I quickly measure the alcove and headed and jumped into the truck to see if the table was destined to be mine.  Seventy-eight inches!  Please let it be less than 78 inches.  Measured in at 72 inches.  Mine!

I’m proud of my discovery and even happier with  the idea of wrapping scrapbook paper around the four paint cans  and  two boards I found in the basement to create shelves.  It’s not fancy and trust me, it’s never quite as clean as it looks above, but it’s mine!    My work space is a  “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” story connection each year when we read Junk Day on Juniper Street by Lilian Moore.


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