#Kinderchat January Blog Challenge Day 26

Describe something (or a few things) that you are VERY good at.

Okay, I’ve been agonizing over this one and I really want to get onto the next challenge, favorite children’s books.  Now that will be a breeze.  The only problem will be limiting it too five books.  Like that will happen!

I don’t ever think of myself as VERY good at anything, and if I do, there’s always a “but”…  tacked on at the end.  Yeah, it drives my husband crazy.  So, I threw the question out there to my family just to get their thoughts. “What is something I’m really good at?” I asked.   And I continued to agonize and avoid.  Like it or not, here’s what they came up with.

According to my son, age 12, I’m really good at

  • Going to Starbucks
  • stealing his slippers
  • making pickles
  •  saying “no” when he wants to buy something, and
  • making chicken nachos

I’m really trying hard to understand twelve-year-old boys.  I miss my daughter!

I texted my daughter, away at college, the same question. And waited.  And waited.  Actually, I’m still waiting.  She’s a lot like me, so I assume she needs to mull it over a while in hopes of providing the response that would make me happy and compensate for her younger brother.

Organizing things and making amazing meals from whatever produce is in season are the highlights from my husband.  Thank you, Oakridge Farms for my CSA share to help make that possible.  Really?  Is that all you got?

Feeling a bit dissatisfied with all of their heartfelt comments, I was beginning to think I might just have to pass on this challenge.  That is, until I came across a project from a class I took six years ago while completing my Master’s degree called Teacher as a Person and a Professional (ED715).  For this class I the requirement was to write  a strategic plan for myself complete with beliefs, values, mission, and vision.  I remember struggling then like I’m struggling now.  After reading it over, it’s amazing  how true I’ve stayed to my beliefs, values, and mission.  And I’ve even managed to reach a few of the goals I had for myself.

Of course my vision statement would have come a little closer to reality had I won the lottery.  The family room isn’t remodeled, but…it’s still our family gathering place of comfort.  We didn’t get back to Jamaica for our 25th wedding anniversary, but…my summer job experience at a local farm reignited my passion for cooking AND lowered my cholesterol 69 points.  My daughter isn’t in medical school, but…is one year away from becoming a high school English teacher.  Her decision to change majors came from a true respect for teachers  and education along with her love of literature and writing.  It’s quite satisfying when your 19-year-old comes home from college and tells you how proud she is of her parents and expresses gratitude for instilling all the right things.  That girl is out to change the world!  And she will.

I’m proud to say I set many goals and  and actions in that strategic plan and have accomplished many of them. That’s what I do.  There it is.  That’s what I’m VERY good at.  I stay true to who I am and my beliefs.  Simply put, I know how to get things done!

And just to get back to the original question I asked earlier of my husband, he  elaborated a bit more seriously this time and came up with  INDEPENDENCE, INTELLIGENCE, and DRIVE, precisely why I could not pass on this challenge.


6 thoughts on “#Kinderchat January Blog Challenge Day 26

  1. Aww mom you’re so sweet! 🙂 And you’re right- I hope my response surpasses Tim’s…although you do make some pretty darn good chicken nachos! I would say your strengths are being a leader, staying true to your beliefs, generating incredible relationships with students, and being a great listener for a daughter that needs advice or to vent about anything. Love you!

  2. LIfe can play funny tricks on our plans. I love how great things have turned out for you, even if it’s not the great you had expected! I didn’t even think to ask my family members for their input when I wrote my post. It would be interesting to see what they think.

    • Thank you Faige. If you read comments left by my daughter you will see why it might be one of my favorites now too. I am enjoying the struggles accompanying these challenges. I reflect nonstop on the work I do. It is self-reflection and courage to put it out their into words that brings discomfort. I very much appreciate your encouraging words. And favorites. And retweets.

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