January #Kinderchat Blog Challenge Day 30 & 31 Combined

Progress Report AND Celebration

How is my resolution coming along? I’ve completed the challenge and I’m still writing. I am still writing for kindergarteners and their parents, but I am writing for me again. That’s what I set out to do through this challenge.

Thank you #Kinderchat!

I had many mini victories through participating in the challenge, but these are the main ones that stand out.   I have a few new blogging and Titter followers.  GRATEFUL!  I participated in my first tweet chat.  INTIMIDATING!  I learned how to embed a website link within a post. HUGE! I am able to work on the same post between multiple devices with confidence. GEEK!   I bravely shared my blog with my family and colleagues.  VULNERABLE!   I went took a chance expressing my opinion about how frustrating the common core standards can be.  DARING!  I confirmed my belief in the power of play for young children. VALIDATE!  I took time  each day to something for me! That’s the real CELEBRATION!


2 thoughts on “January #Kinderchat Blog Challenge Day 30 & 31 Combined

  1. Oops left you a comment on my post, so don’t know if you get it. But I am so happy to have you in my PLN. My learning grows ten fold as I participate in Twitter chats, read blogs and push the envelope. Thanks for being part of the ride!

  2. Congratulations on finishing the challenge! I’m having so much fun experimenting with all of this PLN stuff! It’s challenging me in ways I couldn’t have foreseen, and I’m so grateful for that. I hope to continue to learn and grow alongside you!

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