Spring in Three Word Phrases

Slice of Life Writing Challenge – March 26, 2021

It’s late in the day and I’m finally settling down to write. To be honest, I thought about just skipping today altogether, but then I grabbed my Writer’s Notebook to see if something would pop out at me.

  • Patience is strength

When setting up my Writer’s Notebook I faithfully reserve a section for three word phrases I come across while I’m reading. Knowing I have a special place set aside helps me pay closer attention to the way authors put words together. Linking three carefully chosen words together can be powerful.

  • I love you.
  • I am sorry.
  • Let’s be friends.
  • Time heals everything.
  • Go for it.
  • Count your blessings.

I first discovered the strategy of writing in three word phrases from either Aimee Buckner’s Notebook Know-How, Strategies for the Writer’s Notebook or Ralph Fletcher’s A Writer’s Notebook, Unlocking the Writer Within, two books recommended to me by our school’s literacy coach as I learned to navigate writing with older students the first year I switched from kindergarten to fourth grade. Of course, I created my own Writer’s Notebook along with the students and I remember my first attempt writing three word phrases for the word books.

  • I love books
  • shelves of books
  • book-filled shelves
  • mysterious and scary
  • delightful, funny, whimsical
  • open the cover
  • pages turning slowly
  • too many books
  • not enough books
  • buy more books
  • visit the library
  • predicting, making connections
  • pages of pleasure

Today, as I walked the dog, I spotted the proverbial first sign of spring and spent the remainder of the walk observing other signals of the changing season in three word phrases.

  • Red robin sighting
  • Sap buckets suspended
  • Time change troubles
  • Dog poop duty
  • Glimpses of green
  • Tree buds bursting
  • Windows inched open
  • Melting snow rivers
  • Feelings of hope
  • Vaccinated family members
  • Hugging my mom
  • Vacation plans booked

Spring is the season of new beginnings and I’m very, very close to needing a new notebook. I’ll be saving a few pages for more three word phrases.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Published by Patty Nault

Retired elementary teacher with a passion for reading, writing, and living a life full of curiosity. "Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder." -E.B. White

10 thoughts on “Spring in Three Word Phrases

  1. I like this idea of walking around and jotting down three word phrases. I may try that this weekend. Like you I’m really happy to see signs of spring popping up again.

  2. I love this idea of catching 3-word phrases…totally adding it to my repertoire of strategies! I felt like I was on your walk with you as I read the signs of spring. I have one for you from Jeju’s signs of spring– cherry blossoms snowing 🙂

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