Slice of Life Writing Challenge- March 30, 2021

Currently, I’m reading The Moment of Lift, by Melinda Gates. In her book, she recounts the stories of the many women she has met through her work and travels with the Gates Foundation for the past twenty years. She describes how one moment of lift in a woman’s life is sometimes all that is needed to change the course of their life, their family, and their community. She writes, “If you want to lift up humanity, empower women. It is the most comprehensive, pervasive, high leverage investment you can make in human beings.” As I read about these women I am constantly asking myself what I know now in a deeper way than I knew before and I have much, much more to learn.

Currently, I’m writing down three things I’m grateful for each day and have been doing this since last March. What began as an effort to notice things that bring joy during a pandemic, has created for me a habit in which I see and feel increased rewards throughout the day. I knew my habit was having an impact when my husband politely told me I didn’t have to say thank you for doing the dishes every evening. I plan to continue giving thanks. I’ve really enjoyed reading the March posts from Stephanie at A Lit Life and hope to try a month of writing letters of gratitude similar to the way she did for this challenge.

Currently, I’m loving the feeling my house gives me since repainting and decorating three rooms during this pandemic. Stuck inside with time on our hands, we gave our family room, guest room, and living room facelifts. Each room feels fresh and new. Soft, smooth luxury laminate replaced the disgusting carpet in the family room. Brand new pull down shades in the guest room took the place of the dusty, crooked, mini blinds with the broken strings. New curtains, sofa, and a bold area rug now reside in the living room painted a calming shade of Shitake mushroom. I’m loving the options I have. I can watch tv in the family or escape the March Madness and enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the living room. I can hide away in the guest room for an afternoon nap or set up my sewing machine in the brightest room in the house.

Currently, I’m learning how to cook using an Instant Pot I received from my friend. At first, it felt like I was betraying my true love, the Crock Pot. One thing I’ve learned from using the IP is combining spices and herbs to create layers of flavor throughout the dishes. It took a few tries to get simple white rice right, but one attempt at chicken wings was all it took to convert my loyalty. Other successes have been oatmeal, pulled pork, Pho, turkey chili, and Hot & Sour soup. I’m most proud of the Hot & Sour soup and can finally stop my endless search for a restaurant that makes the soup as scrumptious as The House of Lee. That’s where I first discovered Hot & Sour soup, but unfortunately the restaurant closed years ago and every bowl elsewhere hasn’t compared. The perfect blend of heat and sour, just the right amount of tofu and bamboo shoots, and ribbons of egg swirling throughout the broth could not be found until I used the IP. It’s even better the second day.

Thanks to The Two Writing Teachers for this month long writing opportunity. Thanks also to the many slicers who’ve shared their writing. Your stories have inspired me to continue my writing life long after the challenge ends tomorrow.

Published by Patty Nault

Retired elementary teacher with a passion for reading, writing, and living a life full of curiosity. "Always be on the lookout for the presence of wonder." -E.B. White

7 thoughts on “Currently

  1. I’ve so enjoyed your slices this month, Patty. A gratitude journal really does help you see things differently, doesn’t it. I’m a grade leader and I gave all my teammates notebooks and pens to write down 3 things that went well in the fall, not knowing how things would go. I knew there’d be days when they’d be hard to see. Are you in the Teach Write Facebook group? We wrote gratikus (gratitude in haiku form) last fall, which was amazing. If you are on Facebook, we’d love to have you!

  2. Reading this felt like I was reading about my life! I read Melinda Gates book just months ago, am in the process of ‘facelifting’ several rooms, and have an Insta Pot…but haven’t gotten over the feeling that I’m cheating on my Crock Pot so haven’t given it its due. You’ve inspired me to give it a go! Thanks for a great post and for the link to the post about gratitude letters!

  3. To your month of writing…which I have enjoyed reading every morning. A time to reflect, a time to document, and a time to teach and inspire others. Thank-you for sharing your love of writing with us. I am going to have to get my hands on a new book soon.

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